kristin gaudio endsley

Abstract & Geometric Paintings. Available for Commissions.

Kristin Gaudio Endsley is an abstract artist whose work has caught the attention of critics and collectors worldwide.  Her art has been showing consistently since arriving in London in 2011.  She was one of a hundred emerging artists selected to particpate in The Other Art Fair. From there her work was exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair Bristol, Battersea, and New York.  She had a piece published in British Vogue, had several artworks completed for West Elm London and DC. Influenced by organic and manmade patterns and colors found in both internal and external environments, her works ask the viewer to participate in interpretation. 

Kristin has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Australia, and the United States where she honed her eye and trademark ability to create visual texture with a rich, adventurous color palette and expressive techniques. She is constantly working towards fresh ideas for new bodies of work and continues to take on commissions worldwide. She has collaborated with the street style artist Hannah Adamaszek.  Their work explores the meeting of street art and abstract art.   Kristin has begun work a series that explores shapes, symbols, and color being defined seperately.  A more geometric and restrained process that will go against her typical action expressive style.  She looks forward to the challenge, and the new work that will become of it.

After several years in London, she has moved back to Washington, DC.