Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition - Curatorial Note

Hello! My name is Genevieve Keillor and I am a senior Art History major at George Mason University. This summer, I had the pleasure to be a Curatorial Assistant Intern at Latela Art Gallery. My major project was curating a collage exhibition that will take place this October called Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition.

When looking at the array of works and artistic styles, I wanted to find a commonality between each art work as well as to highlight the differences in artistic approach. I found that through collage, artists use their chosen materials to explore space. From this, I decided to name my exhibition Dimensions to communicate the way artists create collages and to show that the show itself can act as a collage. 

For each artist in Dimensions,I chose works of art that I believed best exemplified their style but also their ability to create an interesting composition through collage. This can be seen in the works I chose for the exhibition flyer. Both works of art are distinct in their overall feeling and use of materials. Deming Harriman’s Sol King uses materials like laser cut wood and silver leaf to create an eye-catching work that has a great sense of volume. Jessica Dame’s work In Bloom focuses on simplicity and balance with paper and gouache. When looking at the entire catalog of Dimensions, this juxtaposition of rational and energetic works creates a compelling experience that can appeal to anyone’s aesthetic eye. 


Tyson's Corner Lobby Commission

LATELA was hired to commission two 7ft by 4ft paintings for the lobby of a corporate building in Tyson's Corner, VA.

  'Ascend' by Christine Olmstead

'Ascend' by Christine Olmstead

  'Bronze Fog' by Marta Staudinger

'Bronze Fog' by Marta Staudinger

The inspiration behind the first painting began with a prior piece by artist Christine Olmstead. The commissioned painting was to reveal a much lesser ratio of peach colors to match the interior and compliment the rich receptionist desk. 

  Inspiration piece for 'Ascend'

Inspiration piece for 'Ascend'

  Intended placement for 'Ascend'

Intended placement for 'Ascend'

The second painting was inspired by a digitally manipulated image and the commissioned painting was to present a marriage between the inspiration image and the mock up with a shift towards bronze rather than gold. Gold flake and various shades of bronze were to be sprinkled throughout the upper bronze body of the work. The separation between the white and bronze fields was to have an improvised effect rather than a blurred straight line.

  Inspiration image for 'Bronze Fog'

Inspiration image for 'Bronze Fog'

  Color & aesthetic mock-up for 'Bronze Fog'

Color & aesthetic mock-up for 'Bronze Fog'

Below are some detail shots from both paintings:


We will post additional photographs of the artworks in their new home once professional photographs are taken. Until then, below are additional installation images.


LATELA x Caryn Cramer: DC Design House


LATELA partnered with Caryn Cramer to create custom artwork for her Showroom in the 2017 DC Design House

  Artwork featured by Marta Staudinger sourced by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by    Angie Seckinger   .

Artwork featured by Marta Staudinger sourced by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by Angie Seckinger.


Caryn Cramer’s guest bedroom radiates color, pattern, and texture to achieve a playful homage to autumn. Bold orange, mint, and aqua are paired with refined black accents, creating a balance of contrasts in this maximalist, color-theorist heaven. 

In the entry hallway, large scale black and gold artworks construct a gallery with regal elegance. The Moroccan rug underfoot is structured yet organic, playing off the grids, lines, and forms of the artworks above. The second hallway features a reclaimed leather belt rug and an immersive black and mint landscape mural, creating a sense of travel and wonder. This passageway transports you to the bedroom, where you enter into a Josef Albers dream. Shades of apricot, light jade, and evergreen paint the room, accentuated by brass and leather finishes. Caryn’s textiles adorn the walls and upholstery, adding vivid brushstrokes across the room. Unexpected details such as a horsehair stool, two Greek mattresses, and an Icelandic sheepskin showcase the beauty of nature and handcrafted construction. Caryn Cramer’s design is a feast for the senses, a fearless embrace of color, sensuality, and timeless luxury.

  Artworks featured custom created for Caryn Cramer's room by Marta Staudinger, organized by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by    Angie Seckinger   .

Artworks featured custom created for Caryn Cramer's room by Marta Staudinger, organized by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by Angie Seckinger.


Caryn Cramer approached LATELA to provide artwork for her Showroom. Already intrigued by Elizabeth Camilletti's painting 'Why Can't I Google the Answer?', Caryn commissioned Marta Staudinger to create three more custom works of a similar color palette. The main objective was to crate minimal art pieces that would tone down the busy nature of the room, rather than add to it. Marta titled the two pieces over the beds 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2'. The piece in the sitting area by Elizabeth's is titled 'Sunset Watching, Wearing a Turquoise Medallion'.

  Artworks featured: (left) by Elizabeth Camilletti, (right) by Marta Staudinger, sourced by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by    Angie Seckinger   .

Artworks featured: (left) by Elizabeth Camilletti, (right) by Marta Staudinger, sourced by Latela Art Gallery. Photography for Washington Post by Angie Seckinger.


Caryn Cramer lives and designs with curiosity, depth, and passion for detail. A native of Washington D.C., Caryn holds an English literature degree from Carleton College, a law degree from Vanderbilt University, and a master’s of interior design from the Corcoran College of Art & Design. A trained painter and dancer, Caryn sharpened her visual-spatial ability from an early age and continues to create compositions in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional formats. Caryn’s interior design firm creates bespoke spaces with an infusion of history, art, concept, and complexity. In addition to interior design services, Caryn Cramer LLC produces printed products in the form of upholstery fabric and wood veneer wallcoverings. Her textile collections juxtapose memories, wanderings, and scholarly curiosities across bold patterns and colorways. Caryn enjoys mixing practicality with the visionary and welcomes any creative challenge.



The Eclipse came & went, now what?


We hope most of you took a second out of your day 

[& protected your retinas !]

to  g a z e  up

at the Lunar & Solar dance known as the Eclipse. 

Here's some inspiration to get you started! These are some of our favorites & why:

Did you know last night was a New Moon too?

Here's a note from the Latela Energy Healer & Reiki Expert Cierra Ross
explaining the power of this new moon & why you should
take some time
TODAY to set new intentions.

Happy Black Moon!!

As an avid lover of the sky's and all things astrology, August 21, 2017
served as a holiday of some sorts. We witnessed a Solar Eclipse
blaze across the United States in the afternoon and a new moon that
pops out every 19 years graced ourskies yesterday evening.

Eclipses serve as a reset button: today marks the beginning of a fresh start.
Additionally, New Moons are a restorative time to take it easy, relax, and reflect on self.

It's safe to say if you have been working on yourself spiritually,
you will get the cosmic go ahead to be a fresh new you.
This time period is also speaking to the the "shadow" side of who you are.
The qualities and traits that you don't necessarily share with the world,
or the attitudes and behaviors that may or may not serve you.
When looking for improvement and a reset,
starting with these areas may be a good pulse point.
From an outsider looking in, what stands out to me the most
during this crazy astrological season is repetition.

Solar eclipses touch down on a certain area every 'x' amount of years.
Black moons come around 7 times every 19 years.
Pluto orbits every 248 years... lather, rinse, repeat much?

I'm zooming all the way in on my repetitive patterns and habits: 
What can I learn from from the past?
What serves me moving into the future?

Try this exercise:
Pull out your notebook & answer these questions honestly.

When am I my happiest?

What am I doing when I'm most happy?

Who am I with when I'm most happy?

How can I maintain my happiness everyday?

If you find it hard to answer these questions, start with one thing that makes you happy.
Make a list and try to incorporate happiness into your days. As you are happy and
your heart is content, the universe will honor your true intention of happiness.
All of this lunar energy will intensify these intentions.
You will be on your way to a rebirth in no time :) 

If you can easily answer these questions, you are on the right track.
Keep conjuring what makes you happy, it will in turn lead you to your truest self.
Don't waste the cosmos. You got this!



~ o n l i n e &   in  your  pocket~

(FREE) Intro to Chakra Energy Healing Video

Join Cierra as she provides all the basics you need to align your Chakras! We also created a blog post for you with visuals!

At the end of the video, Marta explains meditation for newbies & leads a 10 minute meditation that you can fast-forward to at anytime. 

~ in person ~ 

Come visit us at the gallery! Not only will you be inspired artistically by our art collection but we also have the BEST Crystal Shop in town! If you're interested in Crystal Healing, connect with Cierra as she also takes clients regularly in the gallery (not during gallery operating hours) . We'll see you in the gallery! 

And as always, post any comments you have below! Want us to cover something in our next video? Let us know! Got a question that's come up during your own healing journey? Comment below & we'll be sure to respond! 

Om Shanti <3

LATELA x SPOKE: Grand Opening + Art Affair


Latela partnered with SPOKE to bring a curated selection of artwork to decorate their Grand Opening Event



Spoke is a creative agency dually focused on relationships and craftsmanship. Their brand is the product of two industry experts — Sam and Vince — joining forces to rethink the agency model to produce a more collaborative, partnership-based approach. Spoke is proudly based in Washington, DC.


For Spoke's Grand Opening event in their new offices, Sam & Vince wanted to create an outdoor space for their party that felt creative & unique. They hired LATELA to provide artwork to serve as a beautiful event backdrop. On this open patio behind Union Station, we enjoyed a night of beautiful art, trains, sunset, networking & cocktails.





Intro to Chakra Energy Healing


We shared our FIRST video recording with the world (yikes!) & wanted to provide you with some visuals to better jump into the world of Balancing your Chakras! This will prove especially helpful if you're connecting with us digitally and cannot attend our weekly healing sessions.

Watch the video: Intro to Chakra Energy Healing + Meditation

In our video, Cierra Ross (our on-site Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Body Healer) walked us through the seven main chakras & provided some advice on how to begin to balance them. 


   Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body aligned along the spine. 


Chakras can be aligned in many ways. The image to the left communicates the most important intention behind each chakra. Manifesting these intensions mentally is a great technique: mantra your way to each chakra's pure intention.  The image to the right demonstrates how to physically tap into each chakra through asana. 


To hear about what situations cause misalignment in each charka, watch our video! Here are some found images that illustrate the information Cierra shared on how to begin to balance them.


Come visit us at the gallery! Not only will you be inspired artistically by our art collection but we also have the BEST Crystal Shop in town! If you're interested in Crystal Healing, connect with Cierra as she also takes clients regularly in the gallery (not during gallery operating hours) . We'll see you in the gallery! 

And as always, post any comments you have below! Want us to cover something in our next video? Let us know! Got a question that's come up during your own healing journey? Comment below & we'll be sure to respond! 

Om Shanti <3


Full Moon Release Routine


Not sure how to celebrate the Full Moon?

Latela Art Gallery Owner & Dharma Yoga Instructor, Marta Staudinger, shares some of her private Full Moon Manifestation secrets!


Getting together to celebrate the Full Moon can be rough on my schedule sometimes... and other times, I may just want to be alone. I've always loved the idea of having one master routine that I'd follow every Full Moon but the reality is that each month's moon is different and therefore, so is its impact on me!


If you're just getting into the idea of manifesting during the Full Moon, don't be too hard on yourself & don't plan this time with yourself to a 'T'. Be flexible depending on your M O O D.


The most important thing to know is that the Full Moon is very connected to our energy and mood. I believe the best thing one can do to tap-in to the moon's energy is to tap into YOURSELF. 9 times out of 10, you're already on key, you just don't know it yet! Here are some examples...



Some Full Moons put me in a very isolated mood. It's what my friends call the 'Marta Shrimpie' mood. I want to cuddle, curl my body up like a 'shrimp' while watching a movie or reading a book, or I just want to be alone to write, reflect or paint. Now I know, if the Full Moon's got me feeling anti-social: I need to respect that. I need to stay at home and be alone. I give myself the space and time to reflect. With whatever I do, I light a candle (or many), some Palo Santo to clear the energy a bit & usually curate my ambiance by specific music or movie selection. This is my sacred time to myself and I make sure I satisfy all senses. For touch, I add a mini massage in there, take a bath, give myself a pedicure, or do some yoga. For taste, I treat myself to wine or tea + chocolate :)



Ok, we've all heard the joke that the Full Moon makes girls W I L D! ....it's true! So if I'm feelin' super sexy on a Full Moon, I focus on dance. Maybe I'll go to a dance class earlier that night or invite a girlfriend over to make up some moves. If you don't want to share this mood, that's cool too. I dance in my room by myself ALL. THE. TIME... Youtubing live concerts of Beyonce or Shakira.... or samba & whine classes really get me going! Oh, and howling at the moon does wonders! I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy... but damn it feels good! This type of moon energy just really wants to feel like a RAW. WILD. WOMAN! 



Other times, I crave human contact. I need to share and learn. Maybe I even need a good cry. Those are the times I get together with women locally to share space. There are many Full Moon Gatherings in the Washington DC area, and guess what? We host one in the Latela Art Gallery every month with the GODDESS Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness.


The Full Moon is about moving on and letting go, which works best when you tap into your energy. So next Full Moon, take a second to realize what type of energy you're feeling (what you're craving) & follow one of these routes. Comment below to let me know how it works for you & how you celebrated your energy release! Namaste!


Art in Bedrooms


Getting creative in the bedroom can be tricky!

We suggest smaller framed artworks rather than statement pieces...

& when you do need a bigger piece - think S O F T!


We are LOVING Shannon Claire's bedroom!


Here are the main things we're looking at:

1. The print above the bed is floral which softens the room. Plus, it's not too big! If you do put artwork over the bed, go a few sizes smaller than the width of your bed.

2. We love the tiny touch of a small framed work resting on the bedside table! This brings a bit of balance to the room rather than remaining focused on what's above the bed.

3. The additional framed works around the room add for a pop up color! The two by the door are from Latela Art Gallery! You can get them too!


Something we see a LOT of is the above-the-bed gallery wall. We highly suggest gallery walls (read our blog post 'The Perfect Gallery Wall' here) however we're not a fan of the busy wall above the bed. Remember, we're keeping it SOFT? 


Instead.. try minimizing your gallery wall on another wall in the bedroom that's not directly above your bed.

We're loving this bohemian bedroom with a scatter of art prints off to one side!


Even better, space out smaller works out between windows!

The occasional double stack balances nicely with some of the bigger frames! We love that this example doesn't look too block-ey... and mis-matching frames work lovely in a minimal-palette room!


Our favorite bedroom approach is  m i n i m a l i s t i c !

Try these three techniques:

1. Stick to two or three black & white art prints and hang them without frames. 

2. Feature just one artwork near your bed and refrain from centering it!

3. Stack two or three framed artworks next to your bed (on the floor or on the bedside table)!


The Perfect Gallery Wall


We love gallery walls!


Hanging & Designing Gallery Walls are two of the things we do BEST!

Before you hang, you'll need to decide what kind of gallery wall is right for your interior! 

Here's some inspiration to get you started! These are some of our favorites & why:


First, let's figure out what it is that you are hanging. What kind of artwork do you have?

Also... do you have enough art pieces for a 'full' wall or would your collection create more of a 'minimal' wall? We'd call this guy below a 'just right' wall :)

Notice that all the paintings in the above photograph are 17-18th century (style) portraits. Each painting has a dark background contrasted with light in the faces and garments. The similarity in each painting provides unity to this gallery wall. To complete this interior, the brown frame of the chairs compliments the gold frames on some of the paintings (we LOVE that only a select few paintings are framed!). Notice the visual balance between the framed pieces and unframed pieces! Additionally, the black-leather upholstery compliments the dark areas of the paintings and the contrasting white marble table hightlights the lighter areas of the paintings bringing more light to the interior's overall composition.


Here are two more examples of a collection that compliments itself. Notice how all of the pieces have a similar color palette. If your gallery wall compliments itself, it will be easy to pull the rest of your interior together! If you don't have a collection that you feel is complete - or you barely have one at all - contact us!

We can help you from start to finish, in person or online!

  Found images

Found images

You may have pieces that are very different but there are still ways to compliment them by using a variety of frames! Here are two examples of gallery walls that use their mismatched artworks & frames to the collection's overall advantage!

  Found images

Found images

By now, hopefully these examples are narrowing down what your collection looks like (or could look like!). These steps are helping you determine what the aesthetic will be not only for your gallery wall... but maybe even for the entire room. You may be realizing you need another artwork or two, or some frames, before you get started! We can absolutely help you with this whether you live in the same city as us or want to set up a consultation via Skype!

Remember: Gallery walls can consist of pieces other than flat works! Here is an example of a gallery wall made solely of African Baskets.


Ok step two.

We've narrowed down the what. Now, where, is your gallery wall to be installed?

Do you have an empty wall or a limited amount of space to work with? Is this wall in your living room? Entry way?

Click here for our tips on gallery walls specifically in the bedroom.

We'll start with the example of a living room. Above are two interiors that have completely transformed the main empty wall in their living room to a gallery room.

The interior on the left is displaying fewer larger pieces in various frames with some white space in between them. Additionally, there is NO furniture on that wall. So even though the wall hosts a 'full' gallery wall, there is still a lot of empty space in this interior.

The interior on the right is the opposite. This 'full' gallery wall displays many smaller images and they're hung with little to no empty space between pieces (above, below or on the sides). Additionally, there is furniture against the same wall. 


If you're going for the 'fuller' gallery wall vibe - now's your time to narrow down a bit more! Some of this will depend on the size of your pieces but now is where you'll begin to think about how much space you'd prefer between the pieces.


We absolutely ADORE these examples below as they're

1) 'full' gallery walls that still leave empty wall space,

2) mix & matching frames,

3) not everything on the wall is framed (we're adding texture!!),

4) there's still some furniture as well, but this doesn't feel too crowded!


Below is an example of a 'full' gallery wall in a concentrated area. The rest of the interior has allowed the exposed brick and windows to do the rest of the talking!

(P.S. - we also REALLY dig black frames and B&W prints for exposed brick gallery walls!)


Now let's look at some examples of 'minimal' gallery walls.

Following the concept of your installation taking pace in a more concentrated area, let's imagine that concentrated area to be the middle of a wall rather than taking up the entire wall. The interior to the left has windows to help with this idea.

The interior to the right decides not to install on the main wall and instead, uses two side walls. We love the minimal vibes flirting with full gallery walls here!

Maybe you're only interested in creating a gallery wall in a nook.

These reading nooks can be a great starting point! If you're making a bigger wall, you can expand from this basic design as your wall's center. Or just focus on your nook :) Try mismatching your frames like they do in these two examples!

  Found Images

Found Images

The above examples we've shown you will work in ANY room in your house. However, we had to throw in this example for a staircase!

This is too much fun & many clients ask us to install something similar to this because it's perfect for family photographs!

This installation looks so clean & tidy because they've stuck to very specific sizes for their photographs & frames.

  Found Image

Found Image

By now, you should be able to identify where you want your gallery wall, what will be hung in your wall & what kind of aesthetic you're looking for!

We hope these images will provide some hanging design inspiration!

Leave a comment with questions or contact us! We're always taking on clients & are only a Skype call away to help you get started!


Art in Minimal Interiors


As you move toward an Essential Lifestyle...

Don't throw out the art!


We TOTALLY understand the need to go  m i n i m a l i s t i c ! 

However, you don't need to throw out artworks as you narrow down the 'TO KEEP' pile!

Proper placement, framing & balance of white space will do the trick!


Here are our top tips for art living in a minimal home!

1. Create a minimalist gallery wall in a corner of your home with one or two of the artworks hanging on the perpendicular wall. This creates a less-busy scene from the room's entry point of view + it encourages viewers to move around the interior. This also gives the impression that less artworks are hanging = less clutter.


2. Hang artworks away from your furniture to indicate more blank space directly above saturated areas.


3. Hang two small works above a piece of furniture. Place them apart. You'll love the white space living in between them!


5. Keep your gallery wall classy & condensed on your largest wall. Express minimalism through the furniture around it.


6. Add a framed piece (not pictured but we know you can imagine it with this beautiful kitchen!) to your uber-minimal counter-top for a tiny POP of personality!


Summer Solstice Gathering


We hosted our first Summer Solstice Gathering & it was nothing short of magical!

13 lovely ladies came together to share space & meditate as we brought in the summer together.


Marta Staudinger led the meditation which focused on building heat. We imagined ourselves as plants - breathing in the sun from our CROWN and exhaling the sun through our ROOT.

Cierra Ross provided a Reiki Energy Charge to each participant during the meditation, focusing on the root chakra.




Our advice to our community this summer is to:

1. Continuously take time to inhale the sun's energy.

2. Make a regular effort (at least weekly!) to manifest energy back into the earth. This can be by means of planting plants or composting. 

3. Connect with girlfriends & follow the HEAT! This could mean connecting in the sun such as spending the day at the pool or biking your city! Or you can take this concept further... do something CALIENTE! Yes, spice up your life! Go dancing with your girlfriends and LET LOOSE! Maybe try on a bikini or dress you wouldn't normally wear!


Summer is unapologetically free so flow with the wind & let the sun shine on your inner goddess!


Summer Residency: Kristin Gaudio Endlsey


~ artist in residence  ~

The Latela Art Gallery, is pleased to announce the selection of internationally acclaimed artist Kristin Gaudio Endsley for its 2017 Summer Residency Program, a development initiative that foregrounds the gallery’s commitment to bridging fine arts and local community, with the focus of creating positive energy in spaces. 

Kristin is an extensive traveler who has journeyed around the world polishing her eye and trademark ability to create visual textures with a rich, adventurous color palette and expressive techniques. Her geometric paintings display the idea of time as means of achieving a chimerical sense of control; at the same time, she pours upon intuition and trust in the senses with her reflective expressionistic paintings, as if letting go and confiding in her own rhythmic and balanced instincts. Harmony is a paramount value for both the artist's and the gallery’s missions.

In her year-long exploration of ceramics, Kristin merged her artistic style and the porcelain’s delicate virtues into functional pieces that aim to fill homes and spaces with meaning. She has shown her abstract paintings and ceramics consistently since 2011, both in the UK and the US. Kristin was one of one-hundred emerging artists to showcase at The Other Art Fair. Her works have also been published in British Vogue and The Washingtonian, and she’s had exhibitions in West Elm London and DC, Kit and Ace Georgetown, and most recently she was featured in One Kings Lane.
Kristin's goal as an artist is to fill homes with original art, which is why she happily completes works in all sizes and price ranges. To inquire about custom art commissions, please email marta@lateladc.com.

Press Release.


Mindfulness Decor + Art: Feng Shui Workshops with Sherry Burton Ways


Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Award Winning Washington, DC area Designer, Author and Feng Shui expert Sherry Burton Ways of SBW Aligned Expressions for a workshop in our art gallery on Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui is a technique used to create a sacred space that is fully aware of positive energy and energy balance. This workshop specifically focused on how to create a balance of energies in a space and the important role ART plays in that equation. Not only the fine art pieces and photographs on your wall but all of the sculpture and other decorative objects on bookshelves, dressers, tables and other surfaces. Our artwork:

  • Reflects how we think of ourselves and others
  • Affects how we feel and behave
  • Gives others an impression of who we are

Placing the right art effectively creates good energy and personal transformations around any space. In the workshop, Sherry also taught us how to create intention: how do you want to feel in your home? In each room?

"Feng Shui is like a REIKI for Interior Design - it's genius! The same design standards Sherry teaches are the same practices we host in our weekly meditation gatherings. I subconsciously knew I wanted positive energy flushed into our commercial art gallery at all times but didn't realize how aligned it was with the art and practical theory behind Feng Shui. It also seems as our gallery makeover design follows these principals. These happenings make me ever so confident in my decision to merge mindfulness (yoga) and commercial art into one existence." - Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Director

Comment below if you're interested in this workshop, we are DEFINITELY going to host it again! 

LATELA x Alison Beshai: Emerging Collectors


Latela is a leading source for Emerging Collectors. We worked with Local Entrepreneur Alison Beshai to commission a piece perfect for her home.



Alison was drawn to the minimal abstract paintings by Elizabeth Camilletti. Her home’s neutral color palette required a custom piece inspired by the 48x48 in. painting by Elizabeth in the Latela Art Collection entited: When I Can’t Sleep I Drive Around.


Elizabeth incorporated Alison’s color palette along with similar aesthetic elements and movement into Alison’s custom painting.





Collage Group Show II Opening

Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, Collage Group Show II, featuring 16 emerging collage & mixed media artists (15 of which are local to the Washington DC area!). The exhibition will be on display until April 29th. 

Participating artists: Aliana Grace Bailey, Francis Morison, Imani Pierre, Joe Castro, Karen Fitzgerald, Karen Van Allen, Kate Fitzpatrick, Kay Fuller, Madison Bolls, Mills Brown, Nick Stavely, Rachel Wishner, Rebecca Goodman, Sally Canzoneri, Sarah Jamison, Tamora Ilasat.



Welcoming Sloane!!

Hello Latela community! My name is Sloane Dakota Tucker, and I'm the new social media/photography associate at the Latela Gallery, and I'm still bursting with excitement over this new endeavor. I'll be helping Latela out with their social content, both in terms of organizing, curating, and creating for Instagram, primarily. 

Let me introduce myself...


I'm a photography student at the GWU Corcoran School for the Arts and Design (mouthful, I know), and am currently in my third year working towards my Bachelor in Fine Arts. Photography as an art medium sort of fell into my lap after spending most of my teen years trying out every kind of art I could think of, with nothing sticking. After my brother graduated high school, I decided to pick up his camera and spend my last two years of high school taking photography, simply for conveniences' sake. I never looked back, and my interest snowballed into deciding to go to art school, and creating a freelance career for myself. 

The relationship between photography classes and photography itself also created a love for analog, or film photography. I always feel much more connected to the process when shooting, developing, and printing my own work, and the results are always (literally) a surprise. I still actively shoot analog photography using multiple cameras from my personal collection, and I love sharing this seemingly outdated medium with others, including workshops at Latela.

As I near the end of my undergrad, my assignments in school are starting to shape permanent passion projects. One of these reject assignments was Project Babel, which went from a colonialism assignment to an intense and consuming project focusing on linguistics, humanity, and world culture. Thinking of the English language as a colony, I interviewed and photographed ten subjects from the District that were raised bilingual due to immigrating to the US. The interviews (conducted in seven different native languages, with questions asked in English) delved into family histories, connections to communities via language, and how multilingualism enriches the self. In sequel, I have many ideas for other perspectives on language identity. 

I feel so grateful to be a part of such a rich and close-knit artistic community, one that Latela has helped cultivate in so many ways. I'm excited for future work, projects, and relationships that will continue to grow as a part of the Latela family. XOXO, Sloane