Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition - Curatorial Note

Hello! My name is Genevieve Keillor and I am a senior Art History major at George Mason University. This summer, I had the pleasure to be a Curatorial Assistant Intern at Latela Art Gallery. My major project was curating a collage exhibition that will take place this October called Dimensions: A Collage Exhibition.

When looking at the array of works and artistic styles, I wanted to find a commonality between each art work as well as to highlight the differences in artistic approach. I found that through collage, artists use their chosen materials to explore space. From this, I decided to name my exhibition Dimensions to communicate the way artists create collages and to show that the show itself can act as a collage. 

For each artist in Dimensions,I chose works of art that I believed best exemplified their style but also their ability to create an interesting composition through collage. This can be seen in the works I chose for the exhibition flyer. Both works of art are distinct in their overall feeling and use of materials. Deming Harriman’s Sol King uses materials like laser cut wood and silver leaf to create an eye-catching work that has a great sense of volume. Jessica Dame’s work In Bloom focuses on simplicity and balance with paper and gouache. When looking at the entire catalog of Dimensions, this juxtaposition of rational and energetic works creates a compelling experience that can appeal to anyone’s aesthetic eye. 


Summer Residency: Kristin Gaudio Endlsey


~ artist in residence  ~

The Latela Art Gallery, is pleased to announce the selection of internationally acclaimed artist Kristin Gaudio Endsley for its 2017 Summer Residency Program, a development initiative that foregrounds the gallery’s commitment to bridging fine arts and local community, with the focus of creating positive energy in spaces. 

Kristin is an extensive traveler who has journeyed around the world polishing her eye and trademark ability to create visual textures with a rich, adventurous color palette and expressive techniques. Her geometric paintings display the idea of time as means of achieving a chimerical sense of control; at the same time, she pours upon intuition and trust in the senses with her reflective expressionistic paintings, as if letting go and confiding in her own rhythmic and balanced instincts. Harmony is a paramount value for both the artist's and the gallery’s missions.

In her year-long exploration of ceramics, Kristin merged her artistic style and the porcelain’s delicate virtues into functional pieces that aim to fill homes and spaces with meaning. She has shown her abstract paintings and ceramics consistently since 2011, both in the UK and the US. Kristin was one of one-hundred emerging artists to showcase at The Other Art Fair. Her works have also been published in British Vogue and The Washingtonian, and she’s had exhibitions in West Elm London and DC, Kit and Ace Georgetown, and most recently she was featured in One Kings Lane.
Kristin's goal as an artist is to fill homes with original art, which is why she happily completes works in all sizes and price ranges. To inquire about custom art commissions, please email marta@lateladc.com.

Press Release.


Mindfulness Decor + Art: Feng Shui Workshops with Sherry Burton Ways


Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Award Winning Washington, DC area Designer, Author and Feng Shui expert Sherry Burton Ways of SBW Aligned Expressions for a workshop in our art gallery on Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui is a technique used to create a sacred space that is fully aware of positive energy and energy balance. This workshop specifically focused on how to create a balance of energies in a space and the important role ART plays in that equation. Not only the fine art pieces and photographs on your wall but all of the sculpture and other decorative objects on bookshelves, dressers, tables and other surfaces. Our artwork:

  • Reflects how we think of ourselves and others
  • Affects how we feel and behave
  • Gives others an impression of who we are

Placing the right art effectively creates good energy and personal transformations around any space. In the workshop, Sherry also taught us how to create intention: how do you want to feel in your home? In each room?

"Feng Shui is like a REIKI for Interior Design - it's genius! The same design standards Sherry teaches are the same practices we host in our weekly meditation gatherings. I subconsciously knew I wanted positive energy flushed into our commercial art gallery at all times but didn't realize how aligned it was with the art and practical theory behind Feng Shui. It also seems as our gallery makeover design follows these principals. These happenings make me ever so confident in my decision to merge mindfulness (yoga) and commercial art into one existence." - Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Director

Comment below if you're interested in this workshop, we are DEFINITELY going to host it again! 

Collage Group Show II Opening

Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, Collage Group Show II, featuring 16 emerging collage & mixed media artists (15 of which are local to the Washington DC area!). The exhibition will be on display until April 29th. 

Participating artists: Aliana Grace Bailey, Francis Morison, Imani Pierre, Joe Castro, Karen Fitzgerald, Karen Van Allen, Kate Fitzpatrick, Kay Fuller, Madison Bolls, Mills Brown, Nick Stavely, Rachel Wishner, Rebecca Goodman, Sally Canzoneri, Sarah Jamison, Tamora Ilasat.



Welcoming Sloane!!

Hello Latela community! My name is Sloane Dakota Tucker, and I'm the new social media/photography associate at the Latela Gallery, and I'm still bursting with excitement over this new endeavor. I'll be helping Latela out with their social content, both in terms of organizing, curating, and creating for Instagram, primarily. 

Let me introduce myself...


I'm a photography student at the GWU Corcoran School for the Arts and Design (mouthful, I know), and am currently in my third year working towards my Bachelor in Fine Arts. Photography as an art medium sort of fell into my lap after spending most of my teen years trying out every kind of art I could think of, with nothing sticking. After my brother graduated high school, I decided to pick up his camera and spend my last two years of high school taking photography, simply for conveniences' sake. I never looked back, and my interest snowballed into deciding to go to art school, and creating a freelance career for myself. 

The relationship between photography classes and photography itself also created a love for analog, or film photography. I always feel much more connected to the process when shooting, developing, and printing my own work, and the results are always (literally) a surprise. I still actively shoot analog photography using multiple cameras from my personal collection, and I love sharing this seemingly outdated medium with others, including workshops at Latela.

As I near the end of my undergrad, my assignments in school are starting to shape permanent passion projects. One of these reject assignments was Project Babel, which went from a colonialism assignment to an intense and consuming project focusing on linguistics, humanity, and world culture. Thinking of the English language as a colony, I interviewed and photographed ten subjects from the District that were raised bilingual due to immigrating to the US. The interviews (conducted in seven different native languages, with questions asked in English) delved into family histories, connections to communities via language, and how multilingualism enriches the self. In sequel, I have many ideas for other perspectives on language identity. 

I feel so grateful to be a part of such a rich and close-knit artistic community, one that Latela has helped cultivate in so many ways. I'm excited for future work, projects, and relationships that will continue to grow as a part of the Latela family. XOXO, Sloane

You Better Bring Your Own Sun

Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, You Better Bring Your Own Sun, featuring 9 conceptual photographs by LATELA artist Marisa S. White. The series is reflective of the process of moving to a new town and starting over. Marisa explores the range of emotions one experiences when transporting life to another location, an experience she has endured any times over the past few years. At the opening, Marisa discussed in person the positive & negative effects moving has had on her artwork, and its transformation.

The exhibition will be displayed through January 8th, with anticipated closing during the holidays. You Better Bring Your Own Sun is in conjunction with FotoWeekDC.


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Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, LUMINARIUM, featuring 11 paintings by LATELA artist Dariana Arias. The series is inspired by LIGO's discovery of Gravitational Waves in Outer Space caused by Black Holes colliding together, an action accurately calculated by Albert Einstein.

 Spectators attentive as LATELA staff introduced the exhibition & artist

Spectators attentive as LATELA staff introduced the exhibition & artist


The exhibition was curated by the Latela Art Gallery Owner Marta Staudinger and her Curatorial Assistant, Maps Glover.

 Photo Credit (left to right): Maps Glover, Artist Dariana Arias & Marta Staudinger

Photo Credit (left to right): Maps Glover, Artist Dariana Arias & Marta Staudinger

At the exhibition opening (9.3.16, 5-7pm) Dr. Gregg Harry, Physics Professor at American University and LIGO member + educator presented a talk entitled: Einstein, Black Holes & Gravitational Waves. 

 Dr. Gregg Harry

Dr. Gregg Harry

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behind the scenes shots

We're 6 months old!!

On November 7th, 2015 we inaugurated our art gallery space with a phenomenal reception uniting artists with Latela, friends and family. The Latela brand developed a year prior (November 2014), when Marta Staudinger launched a website and full social media profiles for the brand. Marta worked to grow the brand by meeting artists and owners of commercial spaces in DC to organize pop-up exhibitions which are now a broader part of the Latela Curatorial Services model. Over the year, Latela executed six exhibitions in various local businesses: Hera Hub Women's Co-Working Space, Homme Men's Fashion Boutique in the Anacostia Arts Center, and Be Here Now Yoga studio. The idea to bring art to local businesses that are also community gathering spots allowed Latela to quickly spread as the art curatorial brand that connects (local) community and (local) art.

With the intention to become a fully operating art gallery, Latela needed a home base. Cultural DC "Makes Space for Art" by connecting local artists to real estate development projects in need of art tenants. The Monroe Street Market Arts Walk by Bozzuto was the perfect fit for Latela. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, was able to continue with her business plan for an art gallery that operates in a non-traditional way through the relationships with Bozzuto and Cultural DC. Instead of focusing on sales, being forced to charge artists for representation, or look for collectors in a city where collectors are conservative and in a world where art collecting is transforming... Marta was able to open an art gallery that focuses on accessibility and building community by hosting creative events, allowing artists to collaborate on curatorial projects, and cross collaborating with local brands on projects involving local emerging artists.

Our November 2015 debut exhibition included artists we had worked with over the last year, in addition to three artists that inspire Marta's creative and aesthetic passions: Brenda Lloyd Anderson, Brandon Boyd, and Fidel Iranzo. Marta believed it was only right to include the woman who taught her to paint (Brenda), her primary artist inspiration (Brandon), and great friend and artist soul mate (Fidel) in the first visual presentation of the Latela brand in its home space. Works by these three artists will always be part of the Latela art collection and guide the gallery's curatorial aesthetic. The opening exhibition displayed a variety of art mediums, from 12x12 in. photographs to 60x72 in. acrylic on panel paintings.

inaugurating the Closing Ranks exhibition 


featuring artwork by Julie Bjarnhoff, Maps Glover & Marta Staudinger


Last Saturday we inaugurated our newest exhibition, coLlagE, featuring collage and mixed media artworks. Twenty-four artists are featured in this exhibition, of which twenty are local artists. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, spoke at the exhibition opening about how special this exhibition is for her:

"On a personal note, I began my creative career years ago as a collage artist and it's always been a dream to curate a collage exhibition. The perk with this exhibition in particular was discovering how many awesome mixed media artists are right here in DC, and being able to curate a collage exhibition in my own art gallery."

- Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Curator/Owner

The dream come true includes an artwork by a dear friend and artistic inspiration for Marta, Fidel Iranzo, who was her roommate when she moved to Barcelona from Italy to complete her Master's degree in Curatorial Studies. 

"I selected him from many Craigslist ads because he had a link to his website and I saw his collages. It was artistic love at first sight. I'd never pass up the opportunity to live with someone who saw the world the same way I did and could continue to inspire me creatively in that way."

- Marta Staudinger

This exhibition will be on display until May 8th. During the exhibition, we will be hosting collage workshops and interviewing some of the artists on their inspiration and creative process.

behind the scenes shots

Art Gallery Displaying Photography from Instagram

Following our debut exhibition including all artists we'd worked with as we built the Latela brand, we wanted to expand our artist outreach for our second exhibition. Curator and owner, Marta Staudinger, is keenly interested in the effect of Instagram on emerging photographers.

"It seems that photographers may be noticed easily - if they use the Instagram platform effectively - and can be selected to professionally photograph a variety of subjects: food, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. What this means is that there IS hope for emerging photographers to find commissions in the commercial arena. However, what about in the 'art' arena? Are gallerists, curators, established collectors and emerging collectors thinking twice about printing what they 'like' on Instagram?"

- Marta Staudinger, Latela Art Gallery Curator/Owner

Marta states that she uses the platform frequently to find artists but admits that she's usually screen-shooting paintings, illustrations, mixed media works and sculptures that she finds on Instagram. 

"With a platform based on photography, sometimes it's hard to remember that so many of those shots can be viewed as works of art as well - it's our job to help people think more proactively and thoughtfully about that when scrolling through social media. If you see something that you like, consider contacting the photographer to see if they sell prints!"

- Marta Staudinger


In Creative Narrative, we reached out to nineteen local Instagram photographers and exhibited their work showing various subjects all specific to the greater Washington DC area and its creative scene. Of those 19 photographers, only one had ever printed and exhibited their artwork in a gallery setting before. To make the idea of printing, framing and exhibiting artwork less daunting to these emerging artists, Latela teamed up with local framing company Framebridge

"Companies like Framebridge allow for a new wave of accessibility - especially for photography."

- Marta Staudinger 

To continue promoting the exhibition throughout its duration, Latela is hosting three panel discussions with featured photographers and local art professionals.  

behind the scenes shots