What is Latela?

Latela is an Art & Curatorial Consultation Firm that specializes in art consultation and sourcing artwork for residential & commercial interiors. We do host a collection of our own even though our art sourcing services reach further beyond our collection. For our curated collection, we have a unique aesthetic & process for selecting our artists that stems largely from cultivating positive energy. Read all about our unique swag here.

Wait, so there's "energy" in art? 

Well, there is a saying that states 'We receive the energy we put out'. We believe this 100%. So yes! There is energy in art, in the service that we provide, and how we do it. Sure, we will help you collect artwork that will prove to be a good investment and/or find the perfect piece that fits above your couch and ties your living room together - but we also offer more. Our quality service stems from our positive & intuitive art curating process that seamlessly integrates with your project plan for an enjoying art buying & collecting experience. We promise not only to find the right pieces for your project but to leave you inspired to live mindfully, creatively & with style.


Well, the gallery is a space. LATELA is a firm. The gallery is a multi-purpose space, mostly used during the week as an office for our curators to work and host appointments with clients. We use it in many other ways though & offer it to the community as much as possible, learn more about the gallery here.

Do you work with interior designers?

Yes! We are passionate about collaboration & design. See our design trade page for more information.

Do you take commissions?

All the time! Many of the artists we work with create custom orders regularly. Please contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

I'm an artist. How can I HAVE MY ART represented by Latela?

Here are the submission opportunities we offer to artists.  

I'm a local maker/artist. How can I sell my product in the Latela Art Gallery Boutique Shop?

DM us on Instagram, then we can quickly check out your page & get back to you!

Is it possible to rent the gallery to teach a workshop or host an event?

Absolutely! Please contact us & specify how you'd like to use the gallery + date/time!

What are your shipping, packaging & tax guidelines?

Please refer to our shipping page.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do! $50, $100, $250 and $500 gift cards are available. Please contact us to order your gift card so we can provide complimentary shipping!

Do you offer exchanges and returns?

ARTWORKS: We only offer exchanges or returns if we shipped an incorrect artwork or size. We do not offer any other exchange or refund options as most artworks are made to order.

CONSULTATIONS FOR ARTISTS/CURATORS: There are NO refunds for consultations. Consultations are strictly limited to 45-minutes and are not extended for late arrivals. 

WORKSHOPS/TICKETED EVENTS: There are NO refunds for workshops. Rescheduling may be provided for emergency situations, depending on the instructor's availability.