LATELA's mission is to take a genuine approach to the traditional commercial art gallery model + nourish real community within a local art environment for the artists we source/commission and our clients. We understand that artwork promotes mood in the space in which it inhabits, therefore we not only are art curators but also energy cultivators.


Voted Best Commercial Art Gallery of Washington DC (2016, 2017 & 2018), The Latela Art Gallery is a multi-purpose space.

Established as a fusion between an art consulting/curatorial office and traditional art gallery, the Latela Art Gallery functions as an art & curatorial boutique that sources quality art with a focus on positive energy in interiors. The gallery occasionally hosts solo & group exhibitions. The gallery regularly hosts intimate meditation/energy-healing circles as part of our commitment to community nourishment. We believe the [temporary] home of our art collection + center for our creative client-work brainstormings should be continuously filled with positive energy from our community... which ensures a unique gallery-visiting experience, and more importantly, nothing short of pure & positive delivery in the creative projects we realize for our clients.

More about the gallery space here.